Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh Stunning - Where Have You Been?

Well, let's just say that this semester is going to be a creative adventure!
17 credits and 2 jobs doesn't leave much room for messing around.
Here's a peak into what I am working on currently!

This image is the inspiration behind the fashion line I am developing in my Computer Aided Design class! I am very excited at the prospect of working with such a rich color pallet. There will be 5 outfits created for this project - each tied back to it's name, Disposition, and the image. This week I have to get down to sketching the clothes - So excited about this project!

Relish is a project that I am working on with three other lovely girls in my Interior Design Programming class. For our first project we are go through all of the steps of programming as a company that we are creating from scratch. After many flops this is the logo that we developed last night and we are quite happy with it. Although we are open to suggestions - if you have any!

There is also the Green Dress Project that I mentioned earlier last week. I also need to create 2 runway worthy looks for my Portfolio Class. Finally we round out this week with working on the suit coat toile for my tailoring class.

Now I'm off to class!
I hope you are doing well!
Have a great week!


  1. Blogging becomes a bit more of a challenge when school starts, hey?

    It's really interesting to hear about what you're up to in class, though. I hope we hear more of it!

  2. You certainly have a lot to juggle! Looks like you're working on some fun projects, though :)


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