Monday, December 20, 2010

Apparel & Textile Desing Undergrad Exhibit

This semester a few pieces of my work were featured in the Apparel & Textile Design Undergrad Exhibit!

This is the fabulous poster that was used for advertising - Currently there is one hanging in a frame in my living room :)

Here are some photographs of the gown I created that was featured...

I also had a couple of other pieces featured...

The opening reception was fabulous - My Parents, Hunky Fiance & Parents as well as Rachel, Hunky's Older Sister - came along for a lovely evening. This evening was followed by about 2 hours worth of Wedding Talk!


  1. That is a gorgeous black gown!!! Glad you all had such a fun evening (and wedding talk is always so much fun!) :)

  2. That black gown is STUNNING !!! No joke amazing job!!!

  3. Wow, great stuff. You are so fabulous!


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