Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Sing Off

I am absolutely hooked on this show on NBC.
It takes what I love about Glee - the singing - and subtracts all of the sub par acting...
minus Jane Lynch, who in my opinion is a genius.

Check out this video... There are no instruments, just voices...
This song gave me the chills last week!
This group - Committed is FABULOUS!

Hunky Fiance says I'm a dork for being hooked to this show... After he watched one episode he was a dork too.

Seriously - Love this show!

Another thing I'm a fan of - The host, Nick Lachey
Judge: Ben Folds - so cutely awkward
Judge: Shawn Stockman from Boys to Men
Judge: Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls

All of these people who are involved in hosting/judging seem to have such great chemistry.
In my opinion the show just works, displaying true talent and keeping me tuning in week after week!

You can catch up by watching full episodes of The Sing Off online!

Here are some fabulous items that remind me of The Sing Off!

That's the truth an awesome print by nikimilns

Song Bird Mini Harmonica Necklace by ChristineDomanic

Keep Calm & Sing On Print by KeepCalmShop

Sing It Anyway Pendant by poemstudio

Wouldn't you just love to be a part of one of those groups!?

p.s. The finale is Monday night... Your Sofa. Be There.


  1. Oh

    Fabulous indeed! Never watched the show before, but you might've made me an addict!
    (Newbie here, found my way over via Patty's mylifeunderthebus...will be back, fo' sure! ;)

  2. Ha! *Waves to Holly* - I am totally addicted to this show as well! It's like crack for your ears : )


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