Monday, January 31, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Round 2

My fabulous wedding party - minus my Stunning Momma, who was sick and my sister who is away at school - Plus Helen a friend of John's sister Laura from school.

After a morning full of trying on what seemed like every short dress that David's Bridal had to offer we made some fabulous wedding decisions!

Discoveries I made on this trip:

1: ALWAYS MAKE AN APPOINTMENT - especially on the weekend!

2: I am in LOVE with Malibu Blue!

3: Giving my girls a few guidelines and setting them free in the dress area was the best wedding decision I've made so far - I totally recommend this method. My guidelines were Malibi Blue, satin-ish and knee length.

4: Having already selected my gown made shopping with the girls so much fun - I'm really starting to see things come together now!

5: There is a girl out there somewhere who wants her bridesmaids and mother to all wear matching floor length gowns that have a gradient from light blue to black with an overlay of sheer black and silver glitter zebra stripes. (She just happened to have the fitting room next to us)

Here are some of the contenders for the girls to wear in the wedding - I'm super excited!

Which one will they pick!?

^This one is official - Christie's the only girl with a dress - She looks spectacular in it!

I think the Maid of Honor will pick this one ^

^Christie tried it on at the store and we immediately thought of my Stunning Little Sis

Hunky's sisters LOVED this style - I'm excited to see which of them actually picks it!

Is that Bree Vandekamp?

A very successful day - I think with 1 more trip we'll get to check bridesmaid's dresses off the list!



  1. looks like so much fun! I do love all of the style options.

  2. looks like tons of fun! I really love the strapless options, but they don't always suit every body. either way, they're all gorgeous. :)

  3. Fun! Looks like so many good ones to choose from.
    Oh, I wish there was a pic of the zebra dresses..they sound insane!


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