Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Here's to a Fabulous 2011!

This is going to be a year of HUGE changes!

There will be graduations.

There will be weddings.

There will be moving.

This year is sure to be quite busy and eventful --- I couldn't be more excited!

My big resolution for this year is to feature an Etsy Item of the Day. Each day there will be an item that catches my eye featured - This is in hopes to help more Etsians gain traffic to their shops and appreciation for their craft.

If you have an item that you are especially proud of please shoot me an e-mail at - you will most certainly be considered, there are 365 spots available after all...

I will also try to maintain posting at least 3 times a week - with everything going on there will be no lack of material, though a possible lack of time.

Any of you out there who are interested in...

- Having a Giveaway - there have been VERY successful ones in 2010 (like Marlene from countrysoapsbymarlene)
- Guest Blogging - sharing a recipe, craft, or story (like Erica from Acrie Adventures)
- Having your product reviewed - this is where I brag about how awesome you are (like Lynn from JeweledFibers)
- Sponsorship - something I'm ready to pursue

Please contact me so that we can start the process and get your name out there! If you are a good fit for Stunning I'll do my best to sing your praises. Don't be afraid - if you're a regular around here who is still anonymous - be brave and leave a comment. (Chantel!!!)

Here's to a 2011 full of happiness, health, success and love for each and every one of you!

p.s. What's your resolution?

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  1. hey thats me in those parentheses! 2011 is going to be AMAZING i have resolved to be more patient and to practice the art of listening more often especially when listening to Sydney's o and i have resolved to trying out more recipes from my julia child cook book that scare me


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