Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last Moment Valentines

For those of you who are waiting until the last moment or those who just aren't that into Valentine's Day I did a bit of scouting for you. Here are a few places with free e-Valentine's and printables and a little craft - thank you to all of those generous creative types out there!

Kate Spade has a fabulous selection of e-Valentines, BONUS some are super funny!

Samantha Hahn shared some amazing cards on her blog Maquette

If you have a bit more time you could make Marshmallow Pops from a great recipe on Glorious Treats, a blog that, by the way, you should totally check out!

Oh yeah - who won the Stunning Valentine..?

Congrats to entry #10 Lee!

Any special plans for Valentine's Day?


P.S. If you haven't "Liked" Stunning on Facebook you should totally stop by! We are a happy little group that is growing strong.

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