Wednesday, February 2, 2011


For the 4th time EVER in the history of Michigan State University - WE HAVE A SNOW DAY!Coolest e-mail ever!

Not as much snow as predicted (up to 16") but enough to make it difficult to open the door!

The snow in the front of the complex had drifted up to my knees!

For those of you who are from warmer climates I created a fabulous little chart for you in case you ever end up in Blizzard City!

Hunky braved the elements to spend the Snow Day with me! Netflixs movie day here we come. First things first - we walked to get coffee!

We made it back from Biggby in one piece!

Happy Snow Day!



  1. yay snow day! I finally made it out of my driveway (courtesy of a friends jeep liberty) and we drove to work and Chester nuts of all places was open!! out store looked so sad and lonely but at least I'm not sad and lonely in it lol enjoy you're movie day darling were off to see no strings attached!!

  2. Wow! I can't believe all of that snow! I don't even own a decent jacket, I would never survive. Have fun, be safe, and try to stay warm! :)

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  4. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaa my kids are on their 7th or 8th snow day and I am losing my mind!!! We have 3 FEET of snow with a one inch layer of ice over it. More is schedualed for sat and next tues,wed,thurs....we are doomed.....ack


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