Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore - It's Spring/Winter!

This past weekend I broke out my first real spring outfit, even though it was only around 40*. One thing you have to understand about being from Michigan is that we go through about 6 months of winter with long periods of little or no sunshine. So, due to the fact that I was seeing sunshine for the first time in a while I thought it appropriate to break out something other than jeans and a wool sweater!

I was on my way to work, so I'm dressed from head to toe in White House Black Market.
I am also super excited about the sequin brush set that I downloaded from pugly pixel - the download section on that site is pretty fabulous!

It's 29 degrees right now - maybe I'll just slip that darling jacket on over a wool sweater???



  1. Very cute outfit! I am itching to wear some spring clothing soon but it's still too cold here. Soon I hope!

  2. Hooray for outfit posts! You look adorable.

    You've also reminded me that it's time I do another outfit post of my own...

  3. I love that outfit. So perky and perfect for spring.

  4. I'm visiting from the Pleated Poppy! You have great style. I'm so happy that it's spring!!! Hooray for warmer weather :)

  5. Cute! I grew up in Wisconsin, so I totally understand -- have to take advantage of anything over 32 degrees :)


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