Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anthropologie is My Study Break

A girl can only study/work on a project/thesis for so long until one of the following things is bound to happen:
  • She gets completely burnt out.
  • Her eyeballs dry up and fall from their sockets.
  • Inspiration flees her body totally.
  • The caffeine in her system is at such a high level that she is unable to type/think/function.
  • Someone asks her a question about her upcoming wedding and she refuses to comment.
  • She forgets what her lovely little apartment looks like because the computer lab is now her home.
  • Although there are thousands of songs on any given Pandora station she now knows them all, in order, every time.
... or all of those things happen...

It's been a rough week so far thesis wise, that's why I chose to spend some time browsing Anthropologie... enjoy!



  1. That shower curtain...omg...I just died. SO GREAT.

    And I'm sorry you're having difficulty, but it'll be over SO SOON!

  2. Oh goodness, hang in there with the work! You deserve many Anthropologie study breaks.

  3. I did the same thing the other day!!!! I think it called "Anthropologie Transferecne Syndrome" LOL I have been coveting that shower curtain in blue!

  4. the shower curtains are adorable! *sigh*


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