Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I Want Now - Giveaway Winner!

The end of my classes is near! 2 more weeks of pure chaos and all nighters and I'll be a woman seeking a design job in the Chicago area... HOORAY!

It's time's like this when I think of one thing - and one thing only.

A wonderful, soft, warm bed.

Oh yes, Pottery Barn, I could rest my head here!

Well Anthropologie, if I really had to, I could sleep with your fabulous comforter and shams...

Crate & Barrel - I love how simply, yet elegant, and absolutely wonderful this bed looks.

Can you tell I've been living on $5 lattes and fumes? :D

I was very excited about the 194 entries that came in for thewheatfield giveaway! Hooray everyone - Someday when I own a little eclectic boutique in the heart of Chicago I'll carry Katie's prints. I'm already certain that they'll sell out!

Although I wish I could afford to give one to all of you - there is only 1 winner. Lucky #15:

Congrats PrairieWindDesigns! We're all super geeked to see which print you choose!
Stay tuned for another giveaway to begin shortly... (!)
Have a great one friends!



  1. YEAH! 15 has always been my lucky number and I cannot be more excited to have won this! I have admired Katie's work for some time and now I will have it hanging in my home to admire daily! The hardest part was deciding which print to pick! I finally decided on Wild Air! And for good measure -since she is sending my a print anyway - I am going to purchase Take A Hike! THANK YOU for this fabulous giveaway! I look forward to following your blog!

  2. I always say if I ever won the Lotto I would just sit down and order the entire Pottery barn catalog over the phone!!! LOL

    Have a Happy Happy Easter!!!

    Leave the stress behind for a day and enjoy yourself! XO

  3. Congrats to the winner! (and that first bed is my favorite!) :)

  4. Anthropologie makes such lovely things!



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