Tuesday, April 5, 2011

David Sedaris

Last night Hunky, my stunning parents and I went to see David Sedaris at the Wharton Center. It was a lovely evening full of good food, giggles, and great company.

It's just so inspiring to listen to someone who has such a clever mind. Sedaris has such a quick whit and a horribly dry sense of humor, two things I greatly appreciate.

Sedaris with one of my favorite books that he has written, Me Talk Pretty One Day

One of my favorite bits of the night was about his experience on his Country Club's Swim Team. His father constantly compared him to another boy, who was "going to be a start." When Sedaris finally beat the boy in a race during the last meet of the season his father chimed in that this was only 1 time out of 50 or so and that he shouldn't be too proud... Sedaris also mentioned that his father grabbed onto several other "dream sons" throughout his childhood, this has left him with an eternal dislike of random neighborhood children as well as Donny Osmond.

Here is a clip of Sedaris reading one of his short stories "The Squirrel & The Chipmunk." Enjoy!

I giggled so much last night that I am going to link this post up to Tickle Me Tuesday over at Yes, Teacher!



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