Monday, April 11, 2011

Dog Sitting & Brown Pigeon Giveaway Winner

I had every intention of ending the brownpigeon giveaway last night at 8:00 EST... BUT that didn't happen because of our little friend in the photo below.

Meet Mona.Mona belongs to a friend of mine who went away on vacation. Another friend, Sarah, and I have been taking turns taking care of Mona for the past 11 days. I had her over the weekend and ended up taking her to my parent's house so that she could be in the company of other dogs.

She peed on my parent's new bedroom carpet 8 times.

We then stopped at Hunky's because I live in a pet free building. While we were at dinner last night she dug a hole in the carpet... Yup. Then my computer refused to boot up. Both of these things plus having my thesis due dates looming caused me to spend last night breaking out in hives and crying.

I don't think I am ready for a puppy yet.

Anyway - the brownpigeon giveaway was a HUGE success! Due to my emotional breakdown last night all 187 entries are counting.

The winner - thanks to is #19 Beau!! Congrats!

Here's the winning comment! Beau, I'll be contacting you via e-mail shortly...

Thanks to all who entered! Stay tuned for a new giveaway to begin tomorrow!

p.s. Even if you didn't win the brownpigeon giveaway you can still save 10% using code STUNNING10!


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  1. aww cute but evil!! I keep telling myself I don't want dogs again once mine has passed. But puppies are so cute. Then I remember how cute she was when she was a pup and how she ate my couch..and my tv remote..and anything else that fit in her mouth!

    Congrats to the winner!!

    - Tsuki

    P.S. You still have time to finish up your Crafty Challenge project! The new deadline for entries is this Friday, April 15th! Come and play!


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