Friday, April 8, 2011

Save the Date Magnets - DIY Style

*For those of you who have a hard time with the fact that my fiance's name is actually not Hunky, brace yourselves. You are about to view the several mock-ups I created for our Save-The-Date magnets and I'm sad to say as much as I pleaded your case, Hunky just wouldn't go for having his oh so fabulous nickname printed on them... *

Please push play to start fabulous wedding themed background music... :D

I did a lot of research on Save The Date Magnets, and man are most of the options expensive! (Especially when you are dealing with very large families, which means a very large wedding, which means a couple hundred magnets) The companies are charging for using their design, the 2 seconds it takes to plop your photo in, for printing, and then shipping them to your door... which is all well and good, unless you're super budget conscious college students...

Bearing in mind that I am only 2 credits short of a graphic design specialization (AKA, I've taken a handful of marvelous Graphic Design Courses,) I thought I would take a stab at designing it on my own and save us a bit of money! Lucky for me, the girls of 430 Studios took some fabulous photos - which only left me to seek the perfect fonts and formatting! Here is what I came up with...

Hunky vetoed this one because "our hands look weird."

He didn't like that we were far away from each other in this one...

I just love this one, but it doesn't capture the essence of us...

Ladies and gents, we have a winner!
This truly shows Hunky & I in our element and also incorporates Malibu Blue.

I contacted every printer that I could find in the area to see if they even printed magnets and then for price quotes. We chose to do a 3"x4" magnet that was quoted to us for $1 per magnet. They should be ready in a couple of days and we are very excited to send them out - (despite the fact that according to we are 1 month late sending them out. Whoops.)

I found these lovely Aquamarine Paisley envelopes. My favorite part about them is that they have a sheen to them - so pretty! I think you'll spend an obscene amount of time looking through everything on, just like I did!


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  1. I love the one you chose as the final, it's so cute! great design, too :)

  2. I am so happy you made your own! They couldn't have turned out better. LOVE the blue! I would love to have you share this at my VIP party this weekend =)

  3. You definitely made the right decision, that last one is PERFECT. Also that's like the worst song ever.

  4. Those turned out great. Even the ones you didn't pick. Great job!!

  5. they look awesome!!! when does the knot say you should send these out? I just got engaged last night so this is super relevant to me haha!!! Yours seriously look so beautiful :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday! Hope to see ya again later this week :)

  6. Great Idea! Im in the process of choosing the save the dates and planning right now. I think magnets are a great idea because then people cant forget if they put them on their fridge. Hope the rest of planning goes great!


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