Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Graduation Day!

To walk across the stage and accept our diplomas Hunky and I wore these fabulous gowns each made from 8 recycled plastic bottles. Our school is really running with their whole "Go Green!" thing...

Here we are trying to figure out how to put Hunky's hood on. I was convinced you were to see the bright colors - he knew that the brown, which is called "drab" (how terrible!) was to be on the outside.

This is the photo of all of the MSU Alums! My dad, Hunky, and Hunky's dad - the next day it would be me too!

I'm so blessed to have such a supportive group of people in my life - I simply love my family. So happy to have just graduated with 1 degree - notice the yellow tassel still waiting to be flipped!

With my grandmother and little sis - these ladies were such troopers! My family stuck it out and attended a graduation at 11 am then one at 7:30 pm - it was great to spend the whole day celebrating!

My fabulous mom, sister, and me!

Hunky & Me!

Pointing at Dad's empty pockets... :D

We stopped by the Campus Museum to show those who weren't able to attend the opening, my gown Swatches, in the re:Dress Exhibit!

Most of the group in front of Beaumont Tower - such a pretty area on campus!

My Interior Design Academic Adviser and my best friend helped me get through the program while maintaining my sanity!

All the girls who came to the Interior Design Banquet - one of the professors bought us hot pink construction hats!

A group of us getting ready for the 7:30 graduation.

I did it! So happy to have finally completed my time at MSU!

My cousin Beth also graduated at my 7:30 ceremony - here's a picture of some fabulous sisters!

So happy to be DONE - I certainly worked my buns off while I was here! Now - does anyone want to hire an interior designer or fashion designer in the Chicago area..?



  1. Happy graduation! It's a day that you'll remember fondly forever!

  2. YAY!!!!! Congrats Anna - you've worked hard and earned it : )

  3. You remind me SO much of my boyfriends Cousin! She just graduated high school (although you just graduated college) and she's getting married in September, shes a small town girl too.. y'all just seem alot alike. Lol And both gorgeous, I must say! :)
    -Rachel Lynn


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