Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Write a Memorable Thank-You

I have always been a girl who loves to write letters. Since Hunky and I became engaged we have been receiving gifts and having wonderful things done for us we have also been writing many thank-yous, so this is truly my time to shine. A personal thank you is the least that you can do for someone who took the time to think about you and send you a gift, check, gift card, or do you a favor of some kind, etc... Here are a few tips for thank you writing success.

(The example in this post will all deal with the gift of money - for some reason people always seem to have a hard time thanking each other for money...)

1. Time.
Make sure the Thank You is sent within an appropriate time frame. If more than a month and a half goes by the person may just assume that you didn't care for their offering/service or maybe that you didn't even receive said gift. I always make it a challenge to get a note out within a week of the gift giving/kind act.

2. Initial Thank You.
My first line is always - thank you for the (insert gift/service here) This shows that you're thoughtful enough to remember what the person gave or what they did for you - hence the reason for the thank you!
Example: Thank you so much for your generous gift of money.

3. What Will Happen/Has Happened Because of Gift/Service.
This is often my most favorite part of the note. How did what this person gave/did for you help you out in the long run. People love to hear about how they've made a difference in your life.
Example: Hunky and I are saving for a bed and your gift will truly make our apartment feel like a home when we have a place to rest our heads.

4. Welcome Them To Stop By
This is a nice gesture where the gifter will get to see their gift in action or how their service has helped you. Another really neat way to see what they've done for you in action.
Example: We hope that if you are ever in the Windy City that you'll look us up. We work pretty well together in the kitchen and would love to entertain you in our new home.

5. Final Thank You
This line is your final parting sentence. Make it epic.
Example: Thank you again for your kindness. (Ok, so not too epic...)

Tip: Try to keep the note running smooth, like a conversation.

I always keep a blank note card or two with me in my purse just in case I need to jot a quick thank you. It's always nice to have some cute stationary on hand as well - although technology is great, I feel that handwritten notes are just so much more personal. Try to make the note as relevant and specific as you can. If you are going to try the generic route you might as well just send an e-mail or a text message. People will notice if you take the time to write them a thank you from your heart.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Anna!

    great advice and nice choice of stationery. Love the Thank You tags, so sweet :)

  2. Great post! And great reminder that a hand written thank you is always WAY better than an email!

  3. Great tips! I'm bad at writing thank you notes. I tend to ramble and go on a tangent.

  4. What a beautiful post! You are so right. A handwritten thank you is such a nice way to let someone know that their gesture is greatly appreciated and people love to get thank yous for that reason.


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