Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 2012 From The Newlyweds!

The First Official Hunky & Stunning Christmas Card!

Hello All! I know this is a little late in the get go - but - HAPPY 2012 and Holiday Season to all of you!!!

As you know this past year has brought HUGE changes for Hunky & Me - we essitially went from careless college kids to adults. Ok so maybe we weren't totally careless becoming a CPA and finishing two thesis projects AND maybe I wouldn't totally consider us adults at this point. BUT we are constantly evolving, adjusting and all in all loving this crazy new life.

Hunky & me as graduates

The fantastic Miss Mocha Bean came into our lives in June of 2011. Having a puppy is so much work - but there are many rewarding moments that I don't mind cleaning up a mess or two... She's been a great training tool for future little ones.

Little Miss Beans

Before we hopped into real life completely. We took a little Honeymoon to to beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. If you EVER get the opportunity to go - you simply must. Such a beautiful place and even when it was rainy it was gorgeous. You can relax or do completely extreme things - laying on the beach or open air helicopter tours. (Bet you can't guess which Hunky picked and which I picked...)

Yes - the sunset looked like this every night..!

The day after we got back from our Honeymoon we packed everything we owned into a moving truck and drove to the Windy City.

On the road again!

We arrived on a Sunday and Hunky started work on Monday. Amongst all the boxes I spent a week attempting to start making our big empty condo a home. Let me tell you - this is still a work in progress. What they don't tell you before you're married is how difficult it is to agree on furniture...

Home Sweet Home!

I work as a Visual Merchandiser and in sales at a store on Michigan Ave. Which is equally fun, stressful, and challenging. Hunky travels most of the time - so our weekends together have become pretty sacred. Life is pretty exciting in the city and I'm loving every moment of it. Now that we are out of the holiday season and I am no longer working crazy hours I'm happily trying to develop a blog schedule. Thanks for sticking around while I adjusted to this wonderful new life!

Have a great day!

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  1. What a year! I can't wait to hear more from you again. Happy New Year. :)


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