Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday April Week 4

Mocha and I had a pretty fashionable week last - here are some of our favorite outfits... I've labeled the items as current; things you can still find in stores, and vintage; things that are no longer available in stores.

  • Dress - Forever21 (vintage)
  • Cami - White House Black Market (current - Basic Black Cami)
  • Belt - WHBM (current - Lucky Belt)
  • Blazer - WHBM (current - Striped Blazer)
  • Necklace - WHBM (vintage)
Mocha Bean rocks a red blanket as a napping spot.

  • Headband - Target (vintage)
  • Top - WHBM (vintage)
  • Sweater - WHBM (vintage)
  • Pants - WHBM (current, cropped chinos)

Mocha Bean with her new indestructible toy - it also floats! We are super excited to take her to the lake to fetch in the water!

  • Headband - (vintage)
  • Dress - WHBM (current, Black One-Shoulder Dress)
  • Belt - WHBM (current, Lucky Belt)
  • Jacket - WHBM (current, Military Inspired Denim Jacket)
  • Tights - Nordstrom Rack (vintage, from Feb.)
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  1. Hey girl!
    Thanks for the blog comment today!
    I love those printed jeans! They are from Target!
    I love your outfits too! Looks like we shop at the same places!

    Looking forward to keeping up with you via your blog!

    Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery


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