Monday, January 21, 2013

New Years 2013

We rang in 2013 with Hunky's cousins Judy, Jen, and Josh.  I think they had fun running around the city with us because at some point there was a call home to their mom begging to stay another night :)

For the big night itself - we tried to do things a bit fancy... like an all you can eat all you can drink Chicago style extravaganza. Minus the booze, plus sparkling cider, a lot more candy, and card games!

Our fabulous spread - most of the complicated recipes were thanks to Pinterest.  Shrimp, veggie tray, chips and dip, Parmesan egg plant pizzas, brie puff, steak, potatoes, candy, creme puffs, ice cream... seriously you name it we snacked on it!

 Full , but not too full! At midnight we ran down to the beach to watch the fireworks over Navy Pier.  It was incredibly cold, but what a fun way to kick off 2013!

The next day we explored Michigan Ave.  The boys convinced poor Jen to try a super hot chili sauce from one of the stores in the mall.  Poor girl became sick to her stomach! :(

Jake Melnick's is one of our favorite resturants in the city - chances are if you've visited us - or if you will in the future - we'll take you here! Seriously fantastic barbeque.

After a few days of shopping, fantastic food, and great company we packed them into their car and told them to go back to school :D


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