Sunday, January 20, 2013

Revamped Crafting Space

Living in a small space has caused some creativity with where my sewing and crafting supplies are stored.  Hunky gently suggested that maybe  I might do something to no longer have a monopoly on our office space and dining room. Let's face it - I'm not the neat creative type and I really don't know many people who are.  Projects just tend to, for lack of a better term, blow up.

With a little help from a card table this is what we came up with yesterday!

 A new sewing station!!  Nicely tucked in the corner of our office space behind the couch, great natural light, and a view of the TV for background movies/Sex in the City marathons.  How can you not be creative watching those fabulously dressed women?!

This is on the opposite wall, next to my half of the desk, which for today was far too messy to be photographed!  Fabric, beading supplies, stationary, stickers and markers all stacked nicely on a rummage sale shelf.  The vintage frame cork board that I keep inspiration pinned on - I try to update this whenever I am in a creative rut - it helps to get me going again.  My bust is dressed in a skirt I am trying to salvage --- a reminder to myself to always measure twice before you cut once!  The tiny shelf houses my button collection that I have sorted by color and style... yeah - I'm one of those people!

How do you keep your supplies organized?  How often do you reorganize?

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