Friday, April 26, 2013

Jim Gaffigan, Rearranging the Apartment, and a Mustache Dinner Party

Not to knock how we spent two weekends ago...

- BUT -

This past weekend was awesome!!

On Friday night we went to see Comedian, Jim Gaffigan.  I'm not going to lie - before Hunky asked if I wanted to go see the show I had never head of Mr. Gaffigan.  He is HILARIOUS!  The great thing is that the humor isn't profane - this is NOT one of those shows where you are just wiggling around in your seat waiting for it to be over!  This is a show that could have gone on all night and I wouldn't have noticed!  The stories about his family are fantastic, how he talks about his wife is totally adorable, and his take on seafood cracks me up! You may enjoy Jim's take on Cinnabon.

 Saturday was spent rearranging the apartment.  We had been kicking the idea around for a good three months and finally had a day and a half, as well as a deadline, a dinner party the next day, so that the project couldn't carry on for months.  Lucky for us to only big piece of furniture we have in the couch - a sectional - which conveniently is able to break a part into smaller, easier to move, sections!  My new favorite space is the designated and contained area for Anna's crafting!  Hooray for not being a slob and taking over 50% of the space with my sewing! If you are considering rearranging your place I would strongly recommend taking an evening or couple of weeks to discuss and plan - we would still be living in a huge mess if we hadn't had a well thought out plan.

Sunday - we went to mass and then spent the morning preparing for a dinner party we were hosting.  I usually hate to walk down Michigan Ave. it is usually quite crowded with people who aren't paying attention to anything.  A lot of unsuspecting tourists get mugged walking down the Avenue.  Needless to say, that's a major reason why I avoid it.  Although on a Sunday morning at 10:30 it seemed safe.  I'm certainly glad we walked that way - we were able to enjoy Tiffany's Great Gatsby themed windows!  I am sooo excited to see the movie and plan on attending it in my fringed flapper dress!

Now, doesn't every good, Catholic couple go to stock up on wine and beer before 11 am... That's what we were thinking with our cart full of dinner party essentials at Trader Joes 8 minutes before 11 am... the legal time to sell alcohol on Sundays. On a side note - my mom is all about owls these days often saying "Owls are hot."  Well, it's true, they are hot enough to be on Japanese beer!

Part of our rearranging included moving the dining room table to a room lacking a ceiling light fixture, but on the plus side it has a whole wall of windows.  After we argued for half an hour, walked to Home Goods, thought about poverty inflicted by purchasing a Crate & Barrel lamp, and considered throwing one another in front of a bus, Hunky made a quick trip to Ikea to avoid a dinner party of darkness, and came back with this gem.  Yes - sometimes that's how decisions are made - and we like to think it's perfectly normal. :)

My lovely spring colors table-scape - enhanced by the fabulous flowers Hunky gave me earlier in the week - and of course - our under kitchen cut-out bike.  We have a lot of bikes in our place lately.  Hunky has a new hobby and is really running - errr- riding with it...

 We had fun playing around with the mustache drink markers Hunky's sister gave him - thanks Beth!  The mustache selection process was quite intense...

"Should I go with my dream mustache or the one that I would probably have if I were to grow one?"

... and then we figured out they would stick to our faces...

Sometimes when we cram 100 million things into a weekend it's a blast!


  1. You guys are absolutely fantastic. Glad you like the mustache markers! Btw, anytime you guys want to move to Pittsburgh, I would be super okay with that ;)

  2. I love love love nights at home, but arent nights out the funnest?! Just adds an extra layer of special to the day when you know you're going out later.


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