Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Polar Vortex!

My friend Chan and I prior to the Polar Vortex
Yes, we bundle up like this usually, today it just came in handy.

Happy Polar Vortex Day!
We have been experiencing temperatures that feel like -40 degrees and snow, oh the snow.
There is just so much - but that had stopped yesterday before the official start of the Polar Vortex.

While dressing to leave my house this morning at one point I was wearing 4 scarves.  A little panic ensued after I listened to all of the facts about frostbite on the news... 

The floor was covered in pee pee pads when we left today as poor little Mocha Bean was not going to be subjected to the elements. She was such a good girl and didn't go in the apartment until I took her out when it was a bit more manageable out in the afternoon. Last night before the cold really set in I put her in her coat and boots - the city salt irritates her little paws so much.  We truly think she get embarrassed when we have her wear these things - but much to Hunky's delight - this did make her evening walk go quickly.

Here's to staying warm - where ever you may be!  Throw an extra blanket on the bed for the next few days and layer up!


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