Sunday, December 14, 2008

Featuring randomcreative!

I am so excited! I am going to try to feature a great Etsy shop that I've stumbled upon every couple of days or so... My first feature is randomcreative!

randomcreative, is a great Etsian who has been in business since August of 2008.

Rose, as she goes by in the real world, is 25 years old and is from North Liberty, Iowa, which is just outside Iowa City.

I asked Rose a bunch of questions and here are her wonderful answers! (All photos have links to their respective homes.)

When did you begin crafting?
I've been crafting since I was a little kid. I've always enjoyed stringing beads and coming up with random creative projects like homemade cards and books. I began bead weaving in July of 2008.

What inspires your crafting?
I love almost all colors and am constantly inspired by different color combinations that I see. I also enjoy getting inspiration from jewelry books and fellow Etsy members whose work I admire.

Have you even done a craft show? If so how was your experience?
I have not done a craft show, but hope to do one in the future.

Do you have any pets?
I have one cat. Her name is Angel because she's very well behaved. I'm a cat person through and through and can't imagine living without one.

What's your favorite material to work with?
I love using all different kinds of seed beads, other varieties of glass beads, lampworked beads, plastic and vintage buttons, and nymo thread.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
It is so hard to pick one favorite! If I had to pick just one, though, it would be my first color explosion cuff: .

What do you wish you could make?
I would love to get better at using eye pins and head pins so I could make pieces like this one: . (This item is from the shop of meristem and clicking the photo will take you to her shop)

What is your personal motto?
Everything in moderation.

This is my personal favorite item from Rose's shop:

I love how intricate it is and the colors are such a fun combination!

Thank you so much Rose for answering my jumble of questions!

Please visit Rose's shop and support this wonderful Etsian in her quest for Etsy success!
I am sure that she will accept hearts and comments freely!

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  1. Great interview! Stop by

  2. Thank you! Great interview, by the way!

  3. Well done! I look forward to reading more of these!

  4. I love your interviewing idea.

    I hope you don't mind, but I'm tagging you to list 7 facts about yourself so we can get to know each other better.

    The rules and such are my blog. Thanks!

  5. What a lovely interview. And I LOVE your blog template :)

  6. Thanks for sharing with us! It's always great to read about another Etsian!

  7. Great blog! And great example, thanks so much for offering me your advice on the Etsy Forum!

  8. Very neat stuff!


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