Tuesday, December 16, 2008

withanindiantouch: Truelife

I really love doing these interviews! The first got so many views and even a sale! So in order to get the traffic flowing I've chosen another fellow Etsian to interview, please click on the links as they will take you to her site!

^^ Click to enter Radhika's site!

The Etsy shop withanindian touch is run by 30 year old Radhika from Toronto, Canada.

When did you begin crafting?
- (I've been crafting) For as long as I can remember!! I was always making "mehendi" (henna) designs on my school classroom blackboards. Eventually my teachers stopped yelling at me and started looking forwards to see a new design on their boards everyday! :)

What inspires your crafting?
My aesthetics originate from India. Coming from such a culturally diverse country, one can't help but be inspired. Most of my designs originate from a certain art or craft originating from different regions of India. And lots of colour! I guess I can't help but make my products as colourful as I can!!

Have you even done a craft show? If so how was your experience?
I am relatively new to Canada and have done just one local craft show this summer in Brampton area of Toronto. But it was an amazing experience! Everyone was so appreciative of my cards and whoever bought any card first wanted to know what the designs meant or represented. It was great interacting with the people and discussing my favourite subject!

*Tree of Life Greeting Card $3.50! ^^^

Do you have any pets?
Well, I had a pet dog.. Kenny, an American Spitz. Had him for 15 years, but he's no more.

What's your favorite material to work with?
I love paper! I find it so fascinating that one can create so many effects and make it look and feel like a whole different medium altogether.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
It would have to be my 2009 Wall Calendar. I had so much fun designing it.. made it with as much colour as I could!! Every page is special because it reminds me of my best selling cards for 2008.

* 2008 Wall Calendar $22 ^^^

What do you wish you could make?
I have always wanted to learn paper mache.. its a wonderful craft which has so many possibilities.

Personal Motto:
Live & Let Live!!

My Favorite Item from withanindiantouch:
I think this set of greeting cards is just beautiful and so intricate! Such a great deal!

*Set of 3 Vibrant Greeting Cards ^^^

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Radhika and that you'll take some time to look around her amazing shop! If you would like to be interviewed please comment on this interview or send me a convo through Etsy! Our last interview received almost 200 hits in 2 days!

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