Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! I hope this New Year holds nothing but amazing things for you all!

Today I am going to post a brand new interview with Sharon, from California. Although first I want to extend a huge Etsy welcome to my older sister, who opened a shop on Etsy and listed her first item today! WELCOME TO JAMAPPLE!!

^ Teal and Polka Dot Reversible Diaper Bag

I had the chance to interview a fantastic Etsian named Sharon from Santa Maria, California! She is 58 years young and has an amazing shop topped off with a great sense of humor. Click on all of her photos and give her a million hearts, she deserves them all!

When did you begin crafting?
I didn't begin crafting until I retired from my day job at age 50. (I worked with special needs kids for many years, and "retired" to care for my mom.) I first created a wind chime as a gift. I took a silver coffee pot, added beads, and silverware for the chimes, put a plant in it, and my hobby was born.

What are you favorite items in your shop?
I think I would choose "Alice's Tea Party" for the chime; and "Black and White, and Red all Over" for the mosaic.
^ Alice's Tea Pot - Was Sold Just Before This Interview Was Posted.

^ Black, White, Red All Over Mosaic

What Inspires You to Create?
I love finding something that no one wants, in bad shape , neglected, and then cleaning it up, and turning it into something fabulous, appealing to the senses, and just plain fun!

What has been the proudest moment of your crafting life?
It had to be my first sale! Somebody else liked what I did.

What is your day job?
Now, it's Etsy and creating more pieces for my shop. Searching thrift stores, antique stores, etc. for useable items.

What is your favorite purchase from a fellow Etsian?
From MFcrafts I commissioned a pair of fingerless gloves to keep my crafting hands warm this winter. They are perfect.

^Click to go to MFCrafts shop.

What skill do you wish you could do better?
Conversing with the public. I still have trouble striking up a conversation with strangers at craft shows, but I love doing shows.

What are words that you live by?
When things seem bad, and life gets hard, I say:
"What does it matter in the light of eternity?"

My personal favorite item from Sharon's shop:

^ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Windchimes $45

Thank you so much Sharon for letting me interview you! A Happy New Year full of blessings to you!!

** Just got back from a cross country ski trip with my boyfriend!! It snowed the whole time we were there!


  1. What a diverse artist this lady is! Love the oil can mobile!...Thanks for sharin...


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