Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Last Day Of House Sitting!!

Yay! Today is the last day of house sitting. Let me tell you, nothing can scare someone more than an answering machine with a tape that starts rewinding at 2 a.m!! So, as I lay there WIDE awake and afraid to move I thought about how I get to move back to my apartment this afternoon!!! I am very excited! I start classes again on Monday, so I am thinking the amount and frequency of my posts will decrease... Sorry to my 12 loyal followers!

I am posting some photos of the items that I have listed and renewed recently. They are all links to my site! I get to go home and package items today!! yay!! Everything will be shipping tonight, if I get home before 7, or tomorrow if I don't.

List of weird things that happened to me yesterday:

* Took my cousin to Panera and sat next to a man who was having dinner with his sister, he turns to her and says "Would you like to see me dressed as a temptress?" -I struggled with keeping in my giggles as both of them were in their later years!

* I think I have moved from babysitter to nanny since I have been here house sitting and taking care of my cousin for 6 days. At her music class last night I talked to another "nanny" she told me all sorts of random things about the people she sits for my favorite being "The mom is 37 and the dad is 60... It's gross I know... but their kids are cute."

* Also heard a random child's name... a little girl named "Jackiffer"... They called her Jackie... I think when you say the name it sounds like a swear word or a fowl action.

* As I sat in special needs music class with my cousin I was handed a tambourine and then asked if I was my cousins mom... I am 20... Adrienne is 23... I stink at playing the tambourine.

*** And for those of you who are shoppers, JCrew and Victoria's Secret are having GREAT sales!!! If you have some gift cards or any extra money after Christmas I would suggest stopping by those stores and websites!


  1. beautiful pieces. I could never house sit. It would freak me out a little.

  2. love your blog! I found you on twitter :)
    Best wishes on getting back to your normal life!

  3. How funny about the guy at Panera! And bizarre....


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