Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Day!

Happy Inauguration Day to All!!

How cool it is to watch all the coverage on TV! I wish I was there,,, but I am living vicariously through my sister who is in D.C. at this very moment!

Currently I am watching a station that has a camera fixed on a car that the Obama's are getting in for church. Wait, they just got in. How cool is this day!? What a big step for our country and society. I hope that the President elect is met with great respect by our nation and the world.

Today I listed some new bobby pins, click on the photos, which is a link and help me get some views please!

I also listed some great new items on eBay... my mission to clean out my closet to make room for art supplies! **All photos are click-able **

^ Patent Leather Peep Toe Pumps, Size 7
^ Girls XL Peasant Shirt - Fits Woman's Size 3-5
^Peep Toe Flats, Size 6

^ Rubbish Cords, Size 3
Mules Size 7.5 ^

** Like what you see? Click the photo and you can be taken to the page to bid or buy!


  1. It was a wonderful and historic day, wasn't it?!? How great that your sister was able to be there in person!

  2. i used to have some vintage red candies heels like the bottom ones.

  3. I know! Wasn't it awesome? Oh, and that is one great way of getting rid of clutter! ^-^


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