Monday, March 30, 2009

Another New Listing!

It's been a Monday... My boss came into my office at 10 am and asked if it was 5 yet.... That pretty much makes a day a whole lot longer right there!

Good Things...

Today in my studio art class I got to draw a stegosaurus and a mule deer.

I am eating some yummy leftovers my mom brought over for me.

I planted some flower seeds and am super excited to watch them grow!

I am going to start on my Cuban architecture paper tonight... even if it's just formatting the page...

The Michigan State Spartans are in the Final Four!

I have a boyfriend who loves me and who earned major points this week for cooking all major meals (!!!)

It was snowing this morning... but now it's quite nice out and the birds are chirping...

I listed a new charm today and I think it's pretty neat!  Click to check it out!

Hope you all managed to have a great day!
If not,,, do what I did and make a list of all the good things.  It will at least make you smile!

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  1. I want some flower seeds to watch grow =( Although I would be pretty sad when my black thumb kills them =(


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