Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Week

It's only Wednesday night and I feel like I am going to drop.

Here is the much anticipated photo of my new recycling center:

It is working very well. I have labeled which items can go into each little bag. When I want to take the recycling to the center I just unvelcro them and pick them up by their handy little handles! Then it's off to one of my most favorite places... THE RECYCLING CENTER! I just love going there. The highlight of my trip is most def. when people leave all of their colored wine bottles around the glass bin. I just LOVE blue wine bottles! I even have people who send me with a list of what type of bottles they would like. I only wish it wasn't a dumpster full of glass, I would certainly jump in if I wasn't afraid of being cut to bits.

Today in my computer class we learned how to open the Paint program... This may be one of the longest summers ever!

3-D art brought along the birth of my wallaby sculpture... There will most def. be pictures of my progress tomorrow evening. I am so proud... Currently he stands about 3 ft high and is about 3
.5 feet long... I have no idea what I'll do with it once it's finished... ha ha!

Today it was 87*... with a great breeze. I love warmth!

I went to dinner with a girl who has slowly turned into one of my very best friends. It was just lovely, we went to Bravo's and the food was amazing. So excited for those leftovers in my lunch tomorrow!

My boyfriend is off to Vegas for Memorial Weekend... I am off to the cottage on Friday for a loonng weekend of sleep. Yay!

Hope everyone had a great day!


  1. i miss those school days... they seem crazy, but you may look back and think of them fondly!

  2. That's a nice little recycling center you have there


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