Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wallaby, Vegas, and Chirping Birds

As much as I love nature I don't like how the teeny little birds sit on my balcony and chirp into my apartment at me. They seem to mind when I ask them to take a break or keep their comments to themselves... I am kind of getting scared as they are getting brave enough to approach the screen door... The next step will probably be having them in for dinner and to watch the news. I finally got a good picture of the bust of Abe Lincoln that I found at the Flea Market I went to last weekend. I got this amazing statue for $10! Happy 200th Abe! I am so happy that you now have a place on my make-up counter! He's just such an honest guy! :D This morning I was a wonderful girlfriend and woke up super early 6 am... ok so not that early... to take John down the street to his cousin's apartment. They left for Vegas around 11 and just got there around 7:30. 6 College boys in Sin City... I am super excited to hear the stories and I also hope that John doesn't show up on a future episode of cops or married to a random show girl. Nothing like a little trip to Vegas to put all these crazy thoughts in my head. While John is in Vegas I'll be at my families place in Northern Michigan for the long weekend. I will be relaxing and working on this sculpture of a Wallaby that is due on Wednesday: I still have to wrap most of him... The ears are the only thing that are really done. I have so many nicks and cuts on my hands now from working on this lovely thing. I'll keep posting pictures of my progress. Today I bought fabric for a pattern I bought the other day. The pattern is for a little clutch/make-up bag. I got some great floral material and am super excited to post progress on that. Hopefully I'll get to it over the weekend... although wallaby is first priority. My friend Christie is coming over tonight and we are going to eat this great frozen cake I got at Meijer and watch a movie. The cake is like a molten chocolate carmel combination... yum! Ironically, we will be watching "What Happens in Vegas..." Christie just recently purchased the movie.. ha ha ha! If I don't get to post before the long weekend, hope everyone has a great and relaxing long weekend!

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  1. hehe! cool Wallaby sculpture! You'll have to show us all your finished product!

    oh man, do i love bath and body works! Thanks for the coupon :)

  2. Awesome coupon! Thanks for posting it!

  3. Thanks for the coupon! Happy scrubbing!



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