Thursday, March 18, 2010

End of the Week Update!

I am so happy it's finally Thursday! I thought this day would never come! It seems like there has been so much work that I had to accomplish to make it to today, I feel lighter in a way!

Tonight I celebrated my accomplishment of everything I did this week by making some new headbands! I am very excited to introduce them... but have to wait for a nice sunny day to take photos!

The headband line has been getting many views and a few hearts, but no nibbles! So, I made this cute little collage to show you how neat they all are!

This weekend a group of us are heading to Chicago for a late St. Patty's Day Celebration! I am more excited about the prospect of Chicago shopping!

Tomorrow is the celebration of John's Grandmother's 80th Birthday! We will be meeting the rest of the family, the whole bunch of them, at a restaurant tomorrow evening to celebrate. John's mom came up with a great idea for a gift- instead of everyone buying her more "stuff"- we are all creating a spiritual bouquet. What this means is that everyone makes a card or writes a note and attaches it to a flower. The note is to contain a good deed or something spiritual you will be doing in honor of Grandma and her personal intentions. I think it's going to be very neat to see what she thinks of this idea! John has already figured out his intention - I must now go work on mine... What would be a good thing for a grandson's girlfriend to do for the grandmother's birthday...?

Happy Early Weekend!


  1. cute headbands!
    i love the note flower idea for the birthday gift - what a touching gift and at that age, it's the thoughts and gestures that mean the most. Enjoy your Chicago trip!

  2. That yellow headband is just adorable - what a great collection!!! Good luck getting some sales with that line!

    I love the idea of the spiritual bouquet; it's much more meaningful. Also, I just got back from my first ever trip to Chicago, and I'm madly in love with the city!!!

  3. cute very cute


  4. cute headbands



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