Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fashion Sketching

Today is a beautiful and sunny day! It puts an extra hop in my step with the weather is like this!

I began a class called fashion sketching today. I think it's going to be a lot of fun! The way that fashion renderers depict the body is so fascinating to me.

Today we did "stick figures." Although I didn't quite grasp the concept of that, I thought they looked too much like constellations. Therefore I began to draw what was deemed a mass drawing...

A few of my favorite sketches of the day! I think this class will be interesting. I am taking it at a local community college, which is a totally different jungle than Michigan State... The attitude that the girls had in the hallway was huge! I realize that I am taking a basic class in fashion, at a community college, but they were talking about people's outfits as we were exiting class. It was like Mean Girls on steroids. Which promoted me to go shopping, as they commented on the brown socks I was sporting with my silver ballet flats.

Forever 21 is a great place to refresh your wardrobe. I got 3 new pairs of flats for under $15... And a new spring jacket, which I am in love with!

I have to be to class shortly and must pack up everything I need to complete a project tonight...


  1. love the sketches - takes me back to my life drawing classes in college. Love the coat too!

  2. i never took any drawing classes (or fashion sketching, for that matter!) but from the looks of it, you've got a great start goin on!

    (my sister looooves forever 21, but for some reason i can never find anything in there -aside from jewelry- that i like, without her help. she's got such an eye for things that i'd never think of! especially in that store.. it's always sooo packed!)

  3. Mean girls on steriods, ha... Just keep your own reasons for taking the class in mind and don't pay any attention to their immaturity. :)
    Enjoy it! I was going to take classes like that once, before I had another baby. :)

  4. I love that jacket! The color is one of my favorites--yum!
    I always seem to have trouble finding places to shop--I never thought about Forever 21. I'll have to have a look.

  5. So nice and love the sketches!
    Just followed! Thanks! www.barefootbysea.blogpost.com

  6. Looks and sounds like you're having a wonderful time with what you're doing.

    Wishing you every success and continued enthusiasm.


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