Saturday, March 13, 2010

Projects to get to by Sunday!

Let's talk about all of the projects I am going to work on today and tomorrow!

On Sunday I will be working on a group project involving the Brody Cafeteria Complex renovation. Christie and I will be working on the layout of tables and furniture in the two areas we have chosen to design for this project. We chose a large restaurant space that is adjacent to the entryway of the second floor. I am geeked about designing the entry and Christie is excited about the restaurant... which means this will be a fun project!

We have started to pick out a few of our finishes. There are a few great floor samples that we love from Amtico. As well as some colors that we are favoring.

Below is a rendering of how to facade will look when completed.

This project is for my lighting class. The prof is having us create entries for a lighting competition. She is telling us that she will only submit the "best ideas." Now I want you to take a moment to guess how many were entered last year... Ok, do you have your number... Well, the answer is zero... she pretty much told us they were sub par. So, my hopes for getting to submit mine are quite low... Although I am very excited about my idea!

We are designing a porch light! It must provide light to illuminate guests at the door, the house number, and also be aesthetically pleasing. My sconces are inspired by colanders! Stay tuned for more updates on this one!

The one involves this lovely mind map about wiener dogs:

In Graphic Design I am working on an animal logo project. We are creating a brand new logo to represent a species. In summary we must "be able to have someone glance at your logo and know which animal it stands for."

For this project there will be much more sketching and playing around in InDesign. So far one of my ideas is Warhol inspired, because he owned dachshunds. Another deals with looking at the animal in a different view other than the profile pose we often see. The third idea is still up in the air.

I am excited about this project and always love to use my InDesign skills!

So, now I am going to make my bed, eat breakfast, drop off my little sister at home, and work for the rest of the weekend, non-stop. Minus breaks for eating and church!

Here's to a productive weekend!

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  1. Wow! What a busy weekend...and what interesting projects too!


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