Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress... The Sundress that is...

I am so happy that is has finally decided to be spring in Michigan. Although now that I am trying this, we'll have a snow storm this evening - just my luck!

I love spring for several reasons... Flowers in Bloom. The end of the Spring Semester. Graduations and Open Houses. Getting to keep the Windows Open. Oh yeah, and my most favorite part of spring: Sundresses! I have scoured Etsy high and low to find some lovely looks for spring - Enjoy!

This little dress has such great character! Love the bright yellow and accent button on the sleeve! This comes from the shop of michalsclothes

I love the vintage feel of this floral frock! The tie in the front is a great touch! MissDandy stocks this lovely little bargain at $35!

This check pattern is gorgeous, but I'm sure that violavintage would make it for you in any fabric!

Such wonderful simple lines in this dress - How flattering! A lovely dress made by PoorJean.

Ok, so I want to put this number on and run through a field of flowers or have a tea party! priscilladawn makes such beautiful things!

I am just so inspired right now... I am planning on having a daily chronicle of the dresses I have in my closet in order to motivate me to wear them... Last time I looked I could go about 2 months and not wear the same dress twice - so stay tuned for that!

I am leaving you with the rendering I finished last night for the Doctor's Office project we are working on in my Synthesis Class... This is a view of the Nurses' Station that I designed. The view is down the hall towards the patient rooms. This rendering is done in PhotoShop


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