Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Chop!

You all probably don't know this - but for quite some time now I have been growing out my hair to donate it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program.

I chopped off 8 inches of my lovely brunette tresses yesterday!

It was very difficult for me to find a before shot - the past few months I've just been wearing my hair in a ponytail because it was ALWAYS in my way. I even rolled it up in the car window a few times! (OUCH!!!!) p.s. Isn't my boyfriend the cutest?!

And here is my After! I am so happy with this cute little modified bob! This picture was taken last night at the last meeting of my Graphic Design class - a bittersweet and fun last meeting. Kristin, on the right, has a funny little blog that you all might enjoy - Ironically called I Hate Everyone. (She really doesn't - I promise - It's just little rants about those things in life that bug us all!) You can click on the name of Kristin's Blog above or right HERE to go there.

Why the Beautiful Lengths Program you ask?

Well, the first time I donated my hair a few years back I was doing all sorts of research on the organizations that collect hair. I found a lot of sketchy stuff regarding Locks of Love - and - as hard as I tried I couldn't find a negative bit about Beautiful Lengths.

Also, the minimum amount for hair donation is 8" --- much less than most other organizations.

With beautiful lengths the hair goes to make wigs for women who are undergoing chemotherapy... If my hair can give a woman suffering from cancer more confidence, then I don't see how I can go wrong giving to this wonderful program.

Click above to learn more about this fantastic program!

Now that I'm all cute in a spring bob it's time to start growing again... You can only participate when you are under 5% gray - not that I intend to go gray anytime soon - but my times to do this will be limited to 3 or 4 more.

I was creating display cards for my headbands a few days ago - they are super neat and I will be posting pictures later.

Also - Computer is fixed! Woot! Only took $95 ... but hey - they fixed it all and we should be up and running for a good long time!

I am very excited to go out to dinner with some of our friends tonight! Hope you get to do something fun too!


  1. Great hair cut! I agree... i had to chop mine off as well i got 9 inches taken off! Sooooo much better! my man would lay on it all the time and taht was all sorts of uncomfortable!

  2. The new haircut looks awesome. I've always wanted to donate my hair, but I always dyed it. It's finally dye free, but I need to do a lot of growing. Thanks for the info about the Beautiful Lengths program too, now I'll know where to go when my hair is long enough!

  3. I'm on the right in that picture, silly.

    But thanks for the shout-out!


  4. Your hair looks great! And what a great cause!
    My sister just donated 24 inches.

  5. That is totally awesome - good for you!


  6. Good for you, that's awesome.

  7. what a great cause!
    for some reason, your after picture isn't loading for me! boo! {don't worry, it's definitely me, not you. it happens all the time!}
    very generous of you! ;)

    found you on etsy forums, i hope you'll come visit me too!

  8. oh my gosh! i just now put two and two together! I knew I'd seen you somewhere...your sweet comments on my blog! sorry! i'm not sure how I missed your cute blog before...glad i {re}found you though! ;)

  9. That is so amazing. What a kind spirit you are :)

    Your hair looks gorgeous :)

    I love your blog!

    Have a wonderful weekend, :) T.

  10. I think your new cut looks great! When I cut my hair short I felt so liberated... hope you are feeling good too.

  11. What an amazing thing for you to do I have always wanted to do this as well but my hair isn't in the condition to grow out that long I have dyed it too much sadly.

    Great blog.

    Please follow & Comment my blog back?

  12. I always wanted to do that, but can't stand my hair long, so never could get it to any acceptable length. Good for you, and you look cute in your new bob. And yes, your boyfriend is cute too!

  13. Your hair looks amazing - congratulation on loosing your locks for such a great cause!!!

  14. I posted about Beautiful Lengths last year with full intention of growing my hair out and donating it... but then I lost my mind somewhere in the middle and dyed it. boo.

    Your new cut does look great ♥

  15. Looks great and benefits a worthy cause. Good for you--and yes, your boyfriend is the cutest!


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