Monday, May 3, 2010

This and That and Shoe Clips

Happy Monday All!

It's been almost a week since the big haircut and I am adjusting nicely. The semester is winding up - I have to finish up the project for my sketching class and write an essay. Today I took 2 exams and am very happy to have completed Interior Design History 2 and Lighting Class.

Over the weekend I went to John's sister's Graduation - President Obama was the speaker! What a neat experience that was! We walked around for what seemed like forever trying to get into the U of M stadium - everyone had to walk through metal detectors - and finally got in and found seats. His speech was lovely, although not too much about graduation, mostly politics, but fascinating. He stressed how even if we are in an argument, or disagree with someone we should still listen to what they have to say. In summary the message was listen and be nice.

My younger sister attended her Senior Prom and had a blast. I'll post some pictures when I am able to locate my camera cord- for now - you'll just have to enjoy a photo taken by our neighbor, Elizabeth (a very talented young woman and sister to Taylor's boyfriend.) She looked simply beautiful!!

Being at these dressy events over the weekend had me looking at all of the different shoes. Now me, I'm a super picky kind of shoe girl. I find a pair of shoes and I like them I'll either wear then out - or - never wear them for fear that I'll ruin them! I know, extreme, but that's just how it goes.

For those of you who have a pair of shoes that you just love, but want to spice up every once in a while there is a great alternative. Shoe Clips.

Shoe clips are a simple, yet genius invention that allow you to change the look of your shoes in a flash. I have searched Etsy for shoe clips and here are some of my favorites - Enjoy - and please take a moment to click on the photos and give these lovely shops a run through.

How cool are these rainbow clips?? For you wildest leopard heels or your sassy black flats! By starzselection for $20

These sweet bows are just what you need to achieve a classic feminine look. From blacksatinshoes they are $26

These great bows have a sparkley twist! houseoftelsa creates these beauties for $59.99

Turquoise is my favorite color this season and these sweet flowers from RouziliGarden are just perfect! In case you aren't into turquoise they are also created in several different colors for $24.99

These yoyo flowers are just darling and this great photo is showing another way to wear shoe clips! DaintyButton sells these for $12

I hope this week treats you well my friends! The weather is getting warmer and the pool in my complex is becoming a popular hang out... Why is it that all some people can do when they get near a pool is scream? The next place I live will not have a pool...


  1. What a fun and busy weekend and hobnobbing with the Prez. you lucky girl :) T.

  2. How awesome that you got to see the President speak!
    Lovely shoe-clip finds

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Just wonderful:) Love the leopard shoes with the clips!

  4. oh how cool you got to see Obama!.. lucky gal!
    Love the shoe clips.. such a fun way to dress up shoes. ;)

  5. Sounds like a memorable weekend! Great post!

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  7. Wow, what a weekend! And to think I didn't even know such a thing as shoe clips existed before reading your post!

  8. It's so wonderful to see shoe clips are back in vogue. A gal can have just a few pairs of shoes, but with an assortment of clips she can dress them up or down and suddenly she has a veritable shoe store of choices.
    Really love the leopard skin pattern with the Rainbow clip, GORGEOUS !!!

  9. I had forgot about shoe clips.. maybe i'll just get cheap plain flats and buy a couple of clips to change them up.

    Thanks for the links!

  10. How great that Obama was speaking! I'm a fan even from Canada!
    love shoe clips - it's like having twice as many shoes in my closet!


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