Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just so you don't think I've disappeared off the face of the Earth...

We are having some truly terrible laptop issues on this end. Went to the University Computer Center yesterday and all the man could do was scratch his head and say, "Never seen anything like this before." I can assure you, those are the least comforting words...

So, I tried the one tip he gave me, reinstalling the operating system. That failed miserably! I inserted the CD to reinstall and my computer wasn't even recognizing that the CD was in...

That brings us to today...

I dropped my sad little machine off at the MAC store and they told me she would have to stay the night... :( Of course, the night before I have a portfolio due in my graphic design class... I am currently scambling to get info off of my external hard drive. Yay.

Other than that life is going well. Next week is finals week - the a week with no class - the back to school again.

When I get reconnected with my own computer I have some very neat drawings from my Fashion Sketching class to share!

p.s. Public computers are gross - every one I have used on campus has been sticky and dirty... Will be so happy when/if they heal my little machine!

On a happier note - I saw 9 of these little guys following their mom today in my parking lot - I chased them to the grass so they would be safe. Hope the little family made it to a pond safely!


  1. Aww, I hope your computer feels better soon! It's so strange to be without them when you feel like your whole life is in that little box, isn't it? I spilled coffee on my laptop a couple of months ago - fortunately it's still alive today - but it was nervewracking!

    And the duckling is adorable!

  2. i love ducklings! how cute :)

  3. I have a little one that loves the ducklings...adorable!



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