Thursday, April 22, 2010

Treasury & Lorelei Shellist

I am so excited, I got my first treasury in a loooonnng time!

Blossom and Bloom!

Click and Enjoy!

Also, today in Fashion Sketching we had a lovely guest speaker. An international supermodel named Lorelei Shellist. She was in town last night for a book signing and one of the teachers and LCC asked her if she would have time to come and speak to us today... It was just awesome listening to her speak about the fashion world in terms of modeling. Her book chronicles her life - how she ran away at 14 to pursue her dream. How she traveled the world. How she was engaged to the guitarist of Def Leppard. Such a fascinating life and wonderful speaker!

Here is the cover of her book - if you click it will take you to her website.

I am hoping I'll get the chance to read the book after finals week.

Here's hoping you all have a productive weekend!


  1. I remember my first treasury... I was over excited too!!
    I find it too hard to make one these days you know? I even stopped trying... really enjoyed your one! fabulous picks!!

    It is so interesting to hear about fashion from behind the scenes - models and photographers who are part of the process but not the creators.
    I find it so refreshing to hear their thoughts.

  2. lovely treasury : )

    looks like an interesting read

  3. Sounds like an interesting talk- behind the scenes of fashion is one of the most exciting parts about the art. xo m.

  4. Love the treasury, well done, I just made my first one too, so much fun.

  5. Love your treasury. I just made my first one too. So much fun

  6. Great treasury.. love your picks.. so cheery and bright! ;)

  7. You have a case of the pretties!
    Very nice.

  8. Love this treasury! Thanks for visiting Little Miss Momma! Maybe I will have to recruit you to do a guest post etsy treasury for Little Miss Momma--what do you think? Your blog rocks!


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