Thursday, May 6, 2010

Doughnuts Don't Get Enough Attention

The end has finally arrived!!! I am so excited and relieved to announce that this morning at about 10:00 I finished the semester! WOOOOT! Although -- it is quite difficult to get rid of that amped up feeling on trying to meet a deadline, I am trying to funnel some of that energy into crafting tonight!

Today I was trying to think of a theme for today's post and my very sweet tooth lead me to it! A local baseball team, the Lansing Lugnuts, used to have a slogan for some giveaway that was "Go Nuts for Doughnuts!" For some reason that was stuck in my head and I've been craving my favorite sprinkle doughnut all day!

I've scoured Etsy for the best in everything Doughnut!

But before we get to the doughnuts I wanted to include a clip of Homer Simpson and "mmm Doughnuts..." but I found something so much butter - Someone has combined every single "mmm..." statement from season's 1 -19 of the Simpson's... I giggled through most of this... Enjoy!

Now that you are properly prepared - onto the Doughnut's of Etsy!

These look good enough to eat and are certainly cute enough to wear! They come in a set of 6 from aroundtheworld

I was convinced these were real until I read the ingredients and noticed the shop name! LoveLeeSoaps, I think you'll have people trying to eat these!

These little studs are just so dainty and yummy looking! Glamasaurus has a bunch of other delicious treats to wear in stock!

Is this not the cutest key chain? Complete with the sprinkles and all! BeeLiciousCrafts has a great variety of cute crocheted goodies!

I imagine this lovely little print in a breakfast nook - or somewhere unexpected like in an office! What a great way to sweeten up your space from artonthemenu.


  1. Congrats on finishing the semester. I just finished too! Actually, that means I am officially done college :\

    The donuts are awesome!
    So is the blog!



  2. Oh yes, delicious indeed!
    They should be served with my fatfree creamcakes...

    Regs, Prefecta

  3. Congratulations! Doughnuts are a great way to celebrate! I'm wooting with ya this morning! Woot!

  4. Oh my I love Donuts!!!
    Great Blog post!!

  5. What a fun collection! I would definitely try to eat one of those soap bars. Hope they come with warning labels!


  6. Thanks so much for including my donut studs! Congrats on finishing the semester!

  7. Omg now I must have a doughnut!!

    Congrats on finishing the semester! That must feel good! :)


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