Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Moustache Birthday

This is my friend Uma (with hunky boyfriend.) On your birthday he will, in fact, grow out his facial hair for you.

Then, on your birthday you get to decide how you would like him to shave it.
For Liz's Birthday Uma sported this lovely look:

I'm surprised they were able to keep their composure long enough to let me snap this shot of the moustache in all its glory.

- As you can tell we were all giggling about Uma's new doo....

Etsy is full of Moustaches...

No kitchen can be complete without a set of moustach pot holders form Hooked.

These moustache crayons are simply awesome! Kids and adults will have a blast with them! There are so cute in use photos with this listing in the shop of chasedreams

This funky moustache will guard your keys! From VintageCandyDesigns

Various sizes for various uses! Stick on moustaches from chandarchandar. (I also enjoy the in use photos from this listing ... Check out the milk!)

An assortment of moustaches in disguise from Brinner.

Spice up your life - Sport sassy stash!


  1. lol that's funny! My boyfriend usually grows a big beard once in awhile and one time he shaved it a million different ways before actually shaving it all off. It was the funniest thing to me. lol I'm a nerd!

    Anyway, I love the mustache crayons!

  2. hee hee.. that is funny. oddly enough my husband shaved yesterday and tried to sport a mustache for the night to irk me. it was gone as of this morning. ;)

  3. I love facial hair! (um, on men anyways, and also on walruses with their funny moustaches!)

    Also, I need to buy me some of those moustache crayons. For real

  4. Hahaha! That is so funny.

    Your friend who shapes his mo for a birthday treat sounds AMAZING. I love it!! I request a lightning bolt please. ;)


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