Wednesday, July 28, 2010

90* + Chap Stick =

Apparently I thought it wouldn't melt, being in the car all day...

My cute little dress and Agnes (my car) were covered in my favorite Burt's Bees lip gloss in a molten state.

Lesson Learned!

What is your favorite lip gloss?

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  1. Total bummer! I have a chapstick problem so I can't really say what is my favorite. For gloss I do love my Bare Essentials lip sheen. I hope you were able to get that out of your dress!

  2. Oh, yeah, all the bee's wax in Burt's stuff goes to liquid pretty easily. I love The Body Shop's Hi-Shine Lip Treatment.

  3. I'm sorry that happened, but your first picture was funny. I get my lip gloss and soap from ForgetMeNotSoapShop on Zibbet. Love it!

  4. Oh I think that's my shade ! it watermelon ??? How sad : (...although mine usually meets it's demise by getting eaten by one of the kids...bleech !


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