Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Have a Confession...

I Love Office Supplies.

It is a love that was passed onto me by my father...

I love getting new supplies at the beginning of every school year - yes even as a college student I relish in buying new notebooks, pens, folders, and whatever else catches my eye every fall...

I love going to Office Supply Stores...

I love looking at the ads in the Sunday papers...

I love buying my dad a new set of pens for pretty much every holiday!

And most recently, I LOVE - This is a glorious destination for any sort of art/office supply you can imagine at incredibly low prices. Plus, they have EVERYTHING.

Although today I want to share with you my biggest weakness - PENS - Here are some of my favorite pens, which are linked back to

This is my favorite set of pens in the whole wide world. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens with a .3 mm point in their own carrying case that doubles as a stand up display. I carry this in my purse, with my planner which is, in fact, color coded... (I am revealing way too much dorky-ness to you today...)

When I discovered this 20 pack I was elated! I have yet to purchase this gigantic set, but look at all of those beautiful colors!

These felt tip pens from Paper Mate have always been a favorite of mine. Note taking is nearly enjoyable with a comfy and bright colored felt tip pen...

My dad and friend Christie swear by these Sharpie pens - personally, I don't think there are enough colors - so, you'll just have to take their word...

Recently at work we switched to a new medical records system - which means all of my colored pens were taken away a replaced with sensible black ones that can be more easily read by the scanner. Ick! Although I am loving the Pentel RSVP, it is my favorite ball point pen. Now if only I could convince them to stock the colorful ones... :)

What is your favorite pen?
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p.s. A special shout out to hundyandundy for sending me a fabulous maxi dress photo - to be featured soon! (Take a moment to check out her blog!)


  1. lol I used to work in a company where I was responsible for all office supplies. I got the coolest gifts from some of the reps...
    Love Staedtler, too!

  2. Holy crack addicts !!! When did Sharpie start making PENS ????? How did I not know about this ??? I was personally horrified to find out they don't have Sharpies in Australia - my friend calls them something else....which is well NOT Sharpie !!! Unimaginable ! Are there people who DON"T like office supplies ??? ( shudder )

  3. that rainbow pack of pens reminds me of when i was a kid i'd get a bunch of coloring books and crayons and colored pencils and i loved it!

  4. I LOVE pens. And office supplies in general. When I was a kid, I always looked forward to getting new school supplies! Nothing beats a squeaky clean notebook just waiting for my doodles. (Yes, I am aware that I should have been taking notes. Those aren't any fun, though.)

    Thanks for the shout out! Wish I had a full length photo of the dress, but even if I did, it wouldn't be nearly as hilarious. hehe


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