Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Royal Wedding Day!

Happy Royal Wedding Day Everyone! What a beautiful ceremony and such a well run event!

Congrats to such a lovely couple!

The fabulous Alexander McQueen dress that the bride wore. I'm also loving Pippa's dress to - so flattering!

Congratulations William & Catherine!

p.s. There were some seriously AMAZING hats at this wedding!

Yesterday I presented my Interior Design Senior Thesis!!
Hunky's cousin will be getting married this weekend!
This upcoming week is finals week!
I plan on being back in the groove starting this coming Monday. Hope you've all been doing well!

Did you watch any Royal Wedding coverage today?


  1. I thought Pippa looked stunning in that dress! Those girls are quite the beauties...

  2. I missed it all but for a few pctures and had breakfast with a friend - The dress is quite stunnig! Sounds like your finally going to get a breather your almost there!...remember it's NOT the horizontal stacks that are messy's the vertical stacks

  3. I saw some of it, -- so beautiful!!


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