Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dress Hunt

Hunky and I will be attending a friend's wedding in Chicago at the end of the month. For some reason I was having one heck of a time finding a dress for this event. The dresses at the store I work at were old news, I was around them every day. Forever21 just wasn't dressy enough, Express was pretty blah, J. Crew always tries to put me in the wrong size and I look like an overgrown toddler, and Loft - well they are just super unfriendly there. I took my search to the net and found this great dress on sale at Anthropologie...



Black & White

I'm obsessed with this Gull Wing Dress in all 3 colors! It's got such a great shape, looks super summery, and is dressy without being over the top. The only problem is that I've never purchased anything from Anthropologie before and I'm afraid... Although maybe this fear will disappear in time for the next markdown of this fabulous little number. Until then I did find a dress at Guess that will be perfect for the event, I'm sure that I could find somewhere else to wear this fabulous little number!



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