Friday, July 22, 2011

Leggings As Pants - A Guest Blog Post

One of the people that I cherish the most from my time at Michigan State University is a fabulous girl that I was lucky enough to have several classes with, Kristin, of the blog I hate everyone.

This girl is absolutely fierce in her opinions and let's face it - most of the time she's saying what we only wish we had the guts to say! Take a moment to stop by her blog and have a giggle or two - you'll appreciate it especially if you've ever worked retail... So without further delay here is the fiercely fabulous Kristin to tell us a thing or two about leggings as pants... (And yes - I am a huge violator of this especially in the winter/fall - see below.)

Kristin actually took this photo of me last year --- I was saying something along the lines of "Look at my pants Kristin, pants! Pants! Pants!"

Wearing leggings as pants is unacceptable. Here are my top five reasons why:

5.) Nobody has the body for it. Look at this girl. She is skinny, but the leggings show every bit of cellulite. Gross!

4.) No matter how thin you are or how cute your butt is, leggings as pants=overexposure. So even if you are part of the probably less than one percent of people who CAN pull it off, you still shouldn’t. Look at Olivia Wilde here! I can see all your naughty bits!

3.) They’re just not cute! Nothing says, “I don’t care what I look like” better than leggings as pants. And if you’re like, “But Kristin, I really don’t care what I look like,” then shame on you!

2.) I especially can’t handle seeing leggings as pants in the winter. Leggings simply are not warm enough to protect you against the cold/snow!

1.) And the final reason not to wear leggings as pants: Do you really want to look like a cookie cutter sorority girl?



  1. I hate leggings as pants! I'm a high school teacher, and I want so badly for every girl to read this post. Leggings are see-through, immodest and just aren't pants! :) This is my eternal struggle.

  2. Amen!
    You wouldn't wear tights on their own without a skirt, so why are leggings any different?

  3. oh thank you! I was JUST SAYING THIS to my co-workers a few days ago when a girl walked out of our building wearing leggings as pants.

    They're bad enough in the grocery store..but at your OFFICE? I can actually see your panties, you moron!!!!

    It's not cute. It's not sexy. And I blame Lindsay Lohan for starting the trend

    If you want to base your style off of a crack whore, then you've got problems.

    p.s. Uggs went out about 10 years ago...why are girls still wearing them..and with mini skirts ala Britney spears. that's just stupid!

  4. Great post! Too funny! Almost all women look very bad in leggings. I always thought that if you want to wear them, you can, but you have to COMPLETELY cover your butt and upper thighs!

  5. Bahahahahaha totally awesome post I will giggle about this all day!

  6. I love leggings as pants! I'm a man and I find them incredibly hot and think most women look sexy in them, including the girl in the first pic.

    God bless all the sexy ladies wearing leggings as pants :P

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