Friday, August 12, 2011

Best Bachelorette Party Ever!

Last Saturday my friend Christie threw me the most fabulous Bachelorette Party that a girl could ask for! The destination was Grand Rapids, Michigan. 18 fabulous friends joined me for a night on the town which I'll never forget!

The "rose colored glasses" I got to wear on the drive over! Many of the lovely ladies who attend the party fought to have the honor of wearing these fabulous specs... I think it's the pink glitter...

The fabulous hostess and her lovely cup cakes!

My full ensemble complete with Bachelorette crown, sash, and Bride to Be Button!

My Stunning Little Sister/Maid of Honor and my Future Sister-in-Laws/Bridesmaids!

The whole group of 18 of us who went for dinner, drinks, and dancing! The big flash cards were a gift and were an absolute hit. With phrases like "Buy me a drink?", "You're Cute.", and many more how could we not have a blast!?

Our first party crasher, for lack of a better term, arrived before we ever ordered our dinner! Sadly this kid was bailing on his buddy's Bachelor Party...

Love my little sister who was booted out before the party games started - you'll be 21 soon enough kid!

Mission 1 - Find a man wear socks!

Mission 2 - Kiss a bald man's head... *cringe*

After we got bored playing our party games 8 of us decided to pile into a cab and head down the street to a dueling piano bar. This picture does not seem impressive until...

... you see the tiny guy who carted 8 of us for about 3 blocks! Way to go man!

I'm pretty sure there is no way I could have smiled any more or larger during our night on the town. Thank you again a million times Christie for orchestrating such a large group of friends and family to come out and celebrate my Bachelorette-ness! The night was perfect and the stories will be told forever! Thanks to all the girls who attended, it would not have been the same without each of you there!

p.s. We're getting married in 15 days! I'm totally geeked!
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