Friday, September 2, 2011

My summer internship experience

Hi again! It's still Kristin. Anna is enjoying her fabulous Hawaii honeymoon!

Anna wanted me to guest blog about my amazing experience at Kentucky Bride Magazine, where I worked this summer!

I was the summer intern at Kentucky Bride, which is in the wonderful city of Lexington, Ky.

Here I am with the summer issue!

As an intern, I did a lot of little things. I input data into spreadsheets, I called local businesses to set up photo shoots, I removed backgrounds from images (a lot of them). I edited "Real Kentucky Wedding Stories" and emailed vendors to ask for product samples.

But do you know what else I did? Wrote a real article! About the best honeymoon spots in the United States!

And that's all just in the summer issue!

I have two articles in the upcoming fall issue also!

My summer at Kentucky Bride was fantastic. I got a lot of great experience and, in addition to all the great people at the magazine itself, I also got to meet two other really great people, Natalie and Cay, who let me stay in their house two nights a week all summer!

Have you lovely people had wonderful (or not-so-wonderful) internship experiences?


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  1. My only internship was student teaching :) Interning at that magazine sounds FUN!!!


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