Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Hi everyone, it's Kristin again!

In honor of Labor Day and the fact that I have a blog about hating everyone, let's talk about crappy jobs!

My first job was as a page at a public library during high school. While I enjoyed being around books a lot, that job really stunk because there was no music! Libraries really are quiet places, even with hoodrat teenagers using the computer lab for Myspace. (Yes, Myspace was still popular back then.) 

I also hated it because they had this weird rule that you had to work exactly 20 hours a week. You could never get more, which especially stunk during the summer when I had plenty of extra time, but you also couldn't get less! So if you needed to take a weekend off, good luck! The only redeeming factor here was that we all got paid time off, so that helped us get to the 20 hours we had to have, but sometimes it just wasn't enough!

The worst part about the library, though, was the clientele. Because it was a public library, it was, you know, open to the public. We had some of the bummiest, creepiest people there, and of course the creepiest people are the ones who spent the most time there. It was a struggle.

What about you guys? Have you had terrible jobs? Do you have a terrible job now? Or are there just a few annoying aspects to your job? Also, did you have to work on Labor Day? Because I did!


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  1. now I feel like I should post about some of my previous crappy jobs.. LOL

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