Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Rehearsal Dinner

The days leading up to the wedding were full of last moment details, surprise mishaps, and lots of gifts that were sent to the house!  We tried to do as much as we could ahead of time hoping to spend the week prior to the wedding at one of our families lake homes - yeah right... That would have worked in a perfect world, but in our world the last week was pretty much chaos.  And I wouldn't change it for the world...

 Mocha, "the gift hound," and I opening a few gifts before the festivities kicked off hoping to get ahead on the thank-yous.  Something I would totally recommend!

Our rehearsal was planned for 5:45 and was to last for an hour, we then planned a dinner at a local golf course to being at 7:30.

 The bridesmaids and I anxiously waiting for our practice run down the aisle!
The groomsmen gearing up for the trial run as well!

 My lovely maid-of-honor and little sister.

Some of our super supportive friends and family who we couldn't have gotten to the alter without!

 Phil & Rachel kicked of the procession.  Rachel is Hunky's oldest sister and Phil is an old roommate and great friend.

Followed by John and Bethany.  Bethany is Hunky's older sister and John is a wonderful friend from high school.

 Nate and Laura were up next.  Laura is Hunky's youngest sister and Nate is a super fun friend from college that Hunky's caused much mischief with.

Chris & Christie making their way up for the practice run.  Christie is my very best friend from college and Chris has been Hunky's roommate for all of college.

 The best man and maid-of-honor were all smiles!  Louis and John have been best friends forever and Taylor is my amazing little sister.

Hunky and his best man have trying to figure something out? I love how serious they look in this photo!

My parents both walked me up the aisle - good thing we practiced this, it's a bit difficult to walk with someone on either side of you!

 Here's where the lenghty instructions began - we still don't know if we did everything that we were instructed too!

We were both pretty jittery at this point - so much excitement and anticipation for the big day!

Welcoming everyone to the rehearsal dinner and thanking them for all they've done for us over our 7+ years of dating.

Our hosts for the wedding ceremony who were also our gift bearers getting ready for prime rib, delicious mashed potatoes and asparagus.

 We then opened up the floor for stories, well wishes and memories after dinner.  This was a really nice time, we sure did laugh a lot!  Here Hunky's older brother Mark and sister Rachel share a silly story about growing up with Hunky... :)

Everyone enjoying a yummy dinner and fabulous conversation.

The best man reading opening his gift and reading a thank-you.  Even though he's just entering law school he looks pretty darn lawyer like in this photo.

All of the girls who stayed at the house the night before the wedding.  It was so much fun to have a huge sleepover!

After we solved our biggest dilemma of the wedding, our place card holders never arrived, it was pretty much smooth sailing into the rehearsal dinner!  We simply learned that we need to be prepared in life and able to get creative with our setbacks.  Thank goodness I love to collect colorful papers, we were able to just print up little color coded table tents the night before the rehearsal dinner.  My grandmother was a huge help and stayed helping us fold each one, she saw the project through to the middle of the night!


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