Monday, November 7, 2011

Selena Gomez in Forever21

As a fashionista on a budget I totally appreciated this post on The Vogue Diaries today featuring Selena Gomez wearing a Forever21 dress on the Red Carpet.

The girl looks fabulous and I think this was a great choice. What are your thoughts? Is it okay for Forever21 to show up on the Red Carpet?

On another much overdue note - Hunky and I are loving Chicago and I recently received an promotion - I'm officially a Visual Merchandiser! (Many early hours hence my absence from the blogging world!)



  1. I think it's awesome for her to wear Forever21 on the red carpet. It's a very small majority of people who can afford things you usually see on the red carpet (and have a place to wear them!). So seeing something many more ladies can identify with (and go out and buy) is nice! She looks fabulous too.

  2. PS- congrats on the promotion! glad things are going good in Chicago!


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