Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall in Chicago Means Tons of Rain...

And why not make the best of it?

These SLUGS Fleece Rain Boot Liners by WithTheRain are brilliant and will keep your feet warm in these cold Fall rains! I see my next investment here...

This print titled Rainy Day Bliss:Under the Umbrella by KatieLloydPhoto is adorable. I just wish the wind here didn't destroy so many of my umbrellas. I've gone from super cute ones that end up in the garbage to the $3 gray umbrellas from Ikea... :)

holeinmypocket has got the angle of the typical Chicago rain just about right... Now only if the little person with the umbrella had hair that was wildly whipping about.

I always love a good theme and this necklace is perfect for a rainy day - created by Katheyl

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  1. These are such fun finds! I can't pick a favorite...I love them all!

  2. I always wish I had more reasons to wear rain boots :)

  3. Those boot liners are ADORABLE! :)

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymKLymvwD2U

    Just sayin

  5. such fun rainy day finds! love the rain boot liners!

  6. those boot liners are just so snazzy!

  7. So cute! We skipped the rain and went straight to the snow! Love the tiny umbrella!


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